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Revolutionize the way you communicate using presentational visuals with employees, partners and customers

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Offline Videos
40 video exports (MP4) per month, of up to 15:00 min each!
Private & opt-in
Share your content with your team and track their progress in real time
White label
Your content, Your brand, no watermarks, Complete branding access
"Fleeq helps us deliver explanatory content in no time! If it's for workflow explenations for new employees or for internal knowledge sharing, The usage varies, and the platform delivers on its promise!"
Jonathan (Jony) Fischbein
Head of Technical Marketing & Innovation
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Knowledge sharing via Wiki & Fleeq bar

Use these smart hubs to deliver all your fleeqs at the right time and location, add self-service help bar to your site or launch wiki pages in minutes.

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Localize in minutes!

Translate (with narration or just subtitles) your fleeq to dozens of languages in minutes, break the language barrier without a sweat

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Real-time tracking and retention status

Get a real-time updated feed of who is watching what, where and when, understand how viewers interact with your content and grow from there.

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Build online courses that make learning fun

Craft a categorized "story", that delivers on the visual communication promise, with an engaging flow, structured learning curve, and progress transparency.

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Dedicated learners portal

Once you've created your learning group and assigned the relevant content, your team will access a dedicated portal with all their content

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"When I was first introduced to fleeq I was wowed by the product and the value it brings to an organization, my only regret was how i didn't know about it sooner!"
Elya Weingrod, Product Owner
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Enforce compliance

Deliver your terms and service and indicate relevant privacy issues when presenting your fleeqs to employee and customers

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Tracking, training, and reports

Monitor engagement and manage training flows, follow completion reports and re-engage to drive education.

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"First time I tried out Fleeq, I completed creating my first 1 minute long instructional guide with effects and automatic narration, in 30 minutes. Creating content with Fleeq is not only fast and intuitive - it's fun!"
Ziv Bass-Specktor,
Product Knowledge Team Lead
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Private fleeqs and wikis

Keep your fleeqs and wikis private for internal usage, automatically enable tracking and reports, manage and control your workflow content

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HTTPS & Custom 404 redirection

Enable secure certificate for your custom domain and add Custom 404 URL redirection, keep your brand intact with your workflow content

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"Using fleeq we managed to create a full and detailed onboarding process in the time it actually takes to onboard a user. it basically took us 4 minutes to create a full onboarding workflow"
Zohar Sacks, Co-Founder & CTO
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3rd party integrations

Direct all fleeq events to your google analytics or Mixpanel dashboard, add your customer support widgets or use your own email delivery platform to relay training flows

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