Marketing Introduce and demo features as easy as 1-2-3, your agility and A/B testing just got into a whole new level
Demo your product Add short videos on every article, build a self-service platform that works; now you have the power of video + text
See for yourself See how a fleeq can help you promote your product and gain more opportunities
Power up and track your email campaigns Add fleeqs and series to your email campaigns in minutes. It might be a power tip, a new feature walkthrough or a use case. Interactive content drives conversion. With fleeq, it's easier than ever to build, embed and track engagement. We've integrated with all major email campaign platforms, so you won't have to.
Premium content and lead generator Get the perfect view on your customer's fleeq interaction and history log. With one click our chrome extention deliver a snapshot into all past fleeq views and relevant metadata about your client.