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Revolutionize video communication in the workplace

Create bite-size training videos in minutes!
Track, embed, optimize, localize and share them in seconds

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Redefine video management in the workplace

fleeq.io in 90sec!

Create your first fleeq in minutes

Video creation redefined

Take a screenshot, point and click to a specific section, add a description, follow that again and again, and automagically this turns into a live interactive video.

"Fleeq helps us in creating targeted tutorials and walkthroughs in minutes and track their performance"

Ariel assaraf , CTO @ Corralogix

easy creation
easy creation

See and now... hear it!

Take your training videos to the next level with custom or multi-lingual auto narration, different vocals, genders, accents, and much more

"Awesome stuff, we love it! Solving support tickets and introducing new features is simply a breeze now"

Yair bar-on, CEO @ TestFairy

Real-time updates

No need to import/export and update on any change, you can now remotely control all your fleeqs, just go into the dashboard, adjust the contents and your changes are "Live" in production.

"Fleeq is an incredibly intuitive platform that helped me create a really cool and short tutorial with voice, text and screenshot visuals."

Keshett Barkai, Team Manager @ Avnon Group

easy creation
easy creation

Your content, your brand

Control all branding aspects, from color, Logo, custom domain, Favicon and much more. it's your content and as such, it should deliver the same visual message that correlates to your brand.

"Fleeq is great; I love the fact that it's easy and fun. Product videos are no longer a huge task on my roadmap."

Assaf Trafikant, QuickWin Ltd. Founder & CEO

Call to action
Lead your viewers to make the right action at the end of the fleeq
Video export
Need it offline? no problem, you can export your fleeqs to MP4 format
Language support
We support numerous languages in our auto narration offering
Creator message
Add your own message when sharing with customers and leads
Feedback loop
Get your viewer thought about your fleeq, and optimize when in need
GIF export
Use this common format for offline use when audio is not needed
Create your first fleeq in minutes